Authorized User Tradeline Guarantees

NOTE: The guarantees below are ONLY good for tradelines bought directly from our SPECIALS INVENTORY displayed on our homepage.  

  • Tradelines will post to at least 2 of the 3 credit bureaus.
  • Tradelines will have 100% on-time payment history (no late payments ever reported).
  • Tradeline utilization will always be less than 15% of the card’s credit limit.
  • You will remain on the card for 2 monthly cycles.


Important Information About Posting & Reporting Dates

The “Posting Date” is the date the bank sends the monthly reporting for that line to the bureaus. If you order before the “Order By” date we guarantee that it will post to your credit report on the next “Posting Date”. If you post after the “Order By” date we cannot guarantee it will show on the next “Posting Date” however it will show the following month.